villa mylokopi

Location & Information

Corinthia borders on Athens and it is fairly considered as a rare natural green treasure which has succeeded to maintain its beauty whilst is a good place for someone to have an alternative tourism rather than industrialized.

The place provides by itself many outdoor activities that a visitor will definitely enjoy. First of all, the crystal seawater is a good motive to visit Corinthia but also the food with the great quality and variety of fresh fish that can be found at the taverns of the wider area and the chance to visit the archaeological sites of the location give to a visitor an unforgettable experience. If you love walking in the nature, you also have the amazing chance to go for hiking through the paths enjoying the Gulf of Corinth view and taking nice pictures of the place.

The scenic beach of Mylokopi is 10 minutes walk distance by the Villa and it is the best place for swimming in crystal water enjoying the green landscape at the same time.

You can relax in the thermal springs of Loutraki which are very popular since ancient times due to its positive impact on human body and soul. The thermal springs of Loutraki have achieved to be one of the most important thermal springs globally because include ingredients that are therapeutic for the human body.

In a super modern space, we offer a unique experience to rejuvenate body and mind as well as relaxation and welfare with body and face treatments. You can simply choose among hydrotherapy pools, individual baths in a special thin rain shower, sauna, steam bath or being sprayed from distance and rejuvenated through massage techniques with essential oils offered through mud.

If you enjoy driving, you should visit Lake Vouliagmeni, a small brackish water lake that is situated 16 km northwest to Loutraki, near to the archaeological site of Heraion and Perachora area. Its maximum length is 2 km and its maximum width around 1 km. Its depth does not exceed the 40 meters. It features a sandy beach in comparison with the beach in Loutraki. It communicates with the waters of Gulf of Corinth from a very narrow canal that its width does not exceed the 6 meters. In ancient times, it was called Eschatiotis and Gorgopis, a name that was taken by Megarea’s daughter, Gorgi who drowned in the lake. In the area near to the narrow lake canal have been found traces of human settlement from the Early Helladic Period, a sign that the area is inhabited since the 3rd millennium B.C.

If you choose to move by the boat that is available in the Villa you will have the privilege to have daily cruises to the nearest beaches and villages in just 15-25 minutes. Do not forget the underwater life that exists in the crystal waters where you can go for diving or fishing.

The sportsmen should save their energy for mountain biking or sea skiing. Also, at Lake Vouliagmeni there is a ski school and water sports.

However, if you feel tired with the whole idea of exercise the villa has backgammon and chess for your spiritual practise!